Hello, Dreamers!

This is the homepage of our Korean journey via a more structured state compared to the homepage’s post feed. Here you will be able to find links to posts I have previously made to assist you on your journey to learn Korean. If you’re completely new to Korean, I would suggest beginning with the first link, Learn Hangeul Series, that series of posts will help give you a strong foundation in Hangeul, the Korean alphabet and the basic sentence structure to get you started.

This page will be broken up into Grammar, Vocabulary, and Conversation. All of these titles should be self-explanatory, but I will explain them just in case. In the Grammar section, we will go over grammar points such as particles, sentence structure, and politeness levels. In the Vocabulary section, I will create posts for themed vocabulary words such as school, animals, etc. In the Conversation section, we will take a look at phrases that can be used in certain situations such as “Hello”, “Good-bye”, and “I want to buy ice cream.” (which was said a lot since my friend lived less than a block away from a Baskin Robbins).

********* PLEASE NOTE*********

After the Learn Hangeul Series I will not write word pronunciations in Romanized characters (e.g. go-yang-gi for 고양이) unless I feel it is necessary. So please make sure you have a grasp of Hangeul before moving on to the rest of the posts.




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