Drops Language App Review (free version)


*** PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. This post is based on my own experience using this application

Welcome to the first review on DreamLingua! The first mobile application I want to review is called Drops (click here for their homepage). Drops is a rather fun way to increase your vocabulary in a foreign language, and I have posted a short video of myself using Drops to learn new Korean vocabulary below to give you a taste of the app. Please note, I am using the free version of the application, not the premium version, which limits me to 5 minutes of learning per day.

Drops uses a beautiful user interface and icons to relate vocabulary words for categories such as food, transportation, technology, and more. When you learn a new vocabulary word, the word will “drop” down from the top of your screen with a visual icon, audio, and translation for the new word. From there you will be taken through matching and/or spelling exercises relating to that word until the algorithm decides it’s time to learn another word. The process will then repeat while shuffling the vocabulary words you’ve learned for memory recall.


Once your session is up (at least on the free version), you will have a summary page where you can review the words you learned during your session, your weekly streak, and the accuracy of your answers.


I have been using the free version of this application for a while, and I have listed a few personal pros and cons below. I have more pros to cons listed below for this application (that’s usually nice to hear, huh?) because the developers do their job of vocabulary expansion well in this app.

Premium Version Pricing


********* NOTE *********

The pros and cons are directed toward the free version. I do not have experience with the paid version of this application and will not comment on the version I have not used.

Free Version Pros:

  • Free Option (premium is not necessary to learn multiple words)
  • Available for Apple and Android
  • Wide range of vocabulary topics
  • Shows target and native language translations
  • Has audio of vocabulary words
  • Shows words learned during session at the ending summary
  • Mini-games built-in to practice words, not just drag and drop
  • Beautiful interface design
  • Multiple languages to study (click the link to check them out)

Free Version Cons:

  • Only 5 minutes per day (unless you build a streak to gain more time)
  • No typing practice using keyboard
  • Sometimes mixes learned vocabulary with current session (This could be a pro to some, but I don’t like that they mix the categories without me choosing so. If I’m practicing food vocabulary, I don’t want to bank transportation items while my brain is focused on learning and remembering food items.)




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